Photo Tour

photo-tour1 Welcome to WSUM!
photo-tour2 Lobby.
photo-tour3 The Wall of DJs.
photo-tour4 WSUM Executive Management Team Office.
photo-tour5 The WSUM Music Library, where DJ's can select from thousands of CD's and records to play on their shows.
photo-tour6 The Promotions Office.
photo-tour7 This is where you get the goodies, like these sweet WSUM pens.
photo-tour8 The News Room, where our News Team prepares their 6 PM updates.
photo-tour9 Conference Room and Live Band Studio. Yes, it's both.
photo-tour10 Let's go down the hall to the Main Studio and News Booth.
photo-tour11 The News Booth.
photo-tour12 And finally, the Main Studio...
photo-tour13 DJ Peter Allen cleaning off some vinyl during his show.
photo-tour14 Main Studio.
photo-tour15 Main Studio.
photo-tour16 Main Studio.
photo-tour17 The view from the Main Studio (looking north).