Show of the Week- Cranberry Juice


Name of show:
Cranberry Juice

Time: Friday 7-8pm

What is your show like? A blast of nostalgia!

Why should people listen to your show? If you enjoyed the alternative rock feel of the 90’s you’l    love my show.  I’m open to requests and willing to play almost anything that fits the theme of the show.

 How long have you had a show at WSUM? 4 semesters

What do you do outside of the station? I’m a house fellow at Friedrick Hall and just ran my first marathon last fall.

Favorite Music: Foo Fighters, Collective Soul, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Goo Goo Dolls and, of course, The Cranberries

Make-you-own question: Who’s your favorite Power Ranger? The red one- Jason