Show of the Week- The Rock


Time: 7 p.m. Wednesday Nights

Host Info: Ibby Balkhy (Junior, International Studies Major) & Andy Busalacchi (Senior, Legal Studies Major)

What is your show like? It’s a talk show focusing on important global and local stories.  We have insightful guests, commentary and some satirical moments.

Why should people listen to your show?  So you can know why the wolf cries to the blue corn moon… and other important cultural and political developments on The Rock that is earth!

How long have you had a show at WSUM? 1.5 semesters

What do you do outside of the station?  Blog reading, canoeing, general merrymaking

Favorite Music: Revolution songs and Phil Collins

Make-your-own Question: Who is your favorite Daily Show correspondent? A tie between Aasif Mandvi and Larry Wilmore