Show of the Week- Impressions of the Past


Time: Fridays 3-4 p.m.

Host Info: Spencer Wells (Human Geography, Junior).  My co-host is Amanda Kievet (International Studies, Sophomore)

What is your show like? A couple of rad cats playing new jams and the classics they remind us of with an emphasis on Wisconsin and live music.

Why should people listen to your show? We play a lot of live bootlegs and exclusive stuff, a good mix of old and new and a bunch of genres.  This week, we’ll be playing some live recordings from our SXSW unofficial showcase, SXWI so that should be great.

How long have you had a show at WSUM? Almost a year

What do you do outside of the station? We have a music blog called Urban Agrarian that is related to our show and includes photos and videos of shows.  Through that we also organize local shows.  We’re both avid photogs who shoot on film.  I work at STS [Software Training for Students] and do freelance photo, video and tech consulting, ride fixed gear bikes and skateboard.

Favorite Music: Vern [Bon Iver, Volcano Choir, GAYNGS, DeYarmond Edison, Shouting Matches], Moen [Peter Wolf Crier, Laarks, Amateur Love], Dylan, Beatles, Marley, Chaz [Toro Y Moi].  Anything that rules.  Some of my favorite genres are rock n roll, folk, indie, bluegrass, jazz and funk.

Make your own Question: What was your favorite vacation?- I had an awesome road trip experience last week driving down to Austin, TX with all my friends for SXSW.  It was beautiful the whole week and I enjoyed lots of good music and food.  Austin is like a bigger Madison with a nicer climate.  I took a lot of photos in a new place, which was really refreshing.

Photo from last week’s 77 Square article- “Music bloggers move from touting bands to booking them”