Show of the Week- Night of the Living Shred


Time: Friday 9 p.m.

Host Info: Sawyer J. Hildebrandt (Junior, Life Sciences Communication Major)

What is your show like? One hour of the world’s greatest guitar players.  Non-stop, in-your-face shred action.  100% pure awesomeness.

Why should people listen to your show? I’m always trying to find new music for the show to bring to the people, so the show is always fresh & exciting.  Plus, it’s pretty much the only radio show in the world dedicated to shred.

How long have you had a show at WSUM? Almost 3 years.  I feel old…

What do you do outside of the station? I’m a guitar player (obviously) in the Madison metal band, My Fair Share.  I also run a music blog,  Other than that, I spend the rest of my time being Program Director here at WSUM.

Favorite Music: Well I’ve been a metal head forever, but I also listen to a lot of jazz fusion and Gypsy Jazz.  Django Reinhardt is the shit.

Make-your-own-question: “What are you doing to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse?”: Watching as many zombie movies as I can to see what not to do, and planning out the optimal location to build my zombie-proof fortress.  So far I’ve narrowed it down to an underwater sea lab, or Vilas Hall, because even zombies will get lost in that maze.