State of Wisconsin honors WSUM’s ten years of broadcasting excellence


Shown here, Wisconsin State Senator Fred Risser presents WSUM an honorary plaque from the State Legislature. The plaque recognizes WSUM’s excellence in broadcasting for ten years, another milestone in WSUM’s celebration of its historic achievement against overwhelming odds. WSUM hosted a party in February to celebrate, and another is planned for July. WSUM DJ Eric Wiig receives the plaque on behalf of the station.

UW-Madison’s first licensed student radio station, WSUM, began FCC authorized broadcasting on February 22, 2002 at 2:22 PM after five previous unsuccessful attempts were made between 1952 to 1993 to create a student radio station on campus.

In 1993 UW-Madison students, faculty and administrators sparked the idea of creating WSUM — including the construction of a 403-foot radio tower — and never took “That can’t be done,” as an answer.

WSUM is now a national award-winning community radio station with over 200 volunteers and almost around-the-clock programming that covers music, sports and talk.

The Members of the Wisconsin State Legislature, on behalf of Representative Mark Pocan, Representative Chris Taylor and Senator Fred Risser, hereby recognize the great achievements of WSUM over the past 10 years and look forward to WSUM’s future successes.