Show of the Week: The Witching Hour

DJs: Reis Galvan (Blasphemer) and Nathan Maney (The Heretic)

What the show’s all about: We play an eclectic mix of metal. Somethimes we have a weekly theme – say, sludge metal or death metal. Often, there is just a mash-up of whatever we have been listening to in a given week. We tend to get stuck on certain kicks and the playlist sometimes reflects that. Occasionally, we play things that is not traditionally considered metal, like dark ambient, hard rock, and industrial, all of which has seen influence from metal. We try to expand the types of metal that people are willing to try out. Overall, however, we try to make ears bleed.


Anecdotes about hosting: We get a lot of late-night callers looking for stupid shout-outs. They usually ask for pop songs. I really enjoy leading them on and making them listen in to an hour-long metal show with the false promise of playing their songs. I will NEVER play Lil Wayne, Chevelle, or Guns N Roses.

Why people should listen: Bleeding is very healthy for the human ear. If you like metal already, or are tempted to try it out, this show is for you. We play a solid show but we have enough variety that not everything is earsplitting and unintelligible. If you love metal, or want to expand your horizons, tune in. It isn’t all (that) scary.

Top plays: We play a pretty large variety, we rarely play the same band more than once in a month or two. However, some favorites:
Burzum, Opeth, Darkthrone, Megadeth, Baroness, Sleep, Electric Wizard, High on Fire, Zoroaster, Death, Kylesa…..

Favorite thing about WSUM: I love playing awesome music on a public station, with no restrictions from record companies. We aren’t hindered by a top-40 structure and that means we can play what nobody else does. Having an audience for metal is great, you don’t get that on a lot of stations. We could just blast music out of our windows…but WSUM’s listeners actually appreciate what we play.