WSUM Show of the Week: The Go To Bed After This Show Show

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    Mon Apr 29 2013


Name of show: The Go To Bed After This Show Show

Time:  Midnight-1 a.m. Sunday nights

Host info (Name, Major, year): My name is Erik Kramer, and I'm a sophomore here studying Environmental Studies and Geography.

What is your show like?

The general idea for the show is to give people trying to get to sleep or people up late studying something to listen to. That thing you get into right before you sleep, where you're half-asleep and slightly dreaming but not unconscious yet- my goal is to provide a soundtrack for that.

Why should people listen to the show?

You might hear a lot of stuff you haven't heard before! I try to focus on more experimental music of all genres and decades- from the newest experimental rock and electronic music to 70s ambient pieces, weirdo folk and half hour long tape experiments. A lot of unique, boundary-pushing stuff that I hope expands my listeners' ideas of what music can be

How long have you had a show at WSUM?

I've had The Go To Bed After This Show Show since spring of 2012.

What do you do outside of the station? (Hobbies, job, etc)

I am a musician and try to write and record as much as I can ( and would love to eventually start playing around Madison.  I also like being outdoors, eating good food, being involved with environmental organizations on campus, and generally having a good ol time.

Some of my favorite albums I've been listening to in the past year:

Akron/Family's whole discography, Baths- “Cerulean”, Macintosh Plus- “Floral Shoppe”, Swans- The Seer, Sun Araw- “Beach Head”, Heron's Dawn Anthology, Frank Ocean- “Channel Orange”, Bibio- “Mind Bokeh”, Oneohtrix Point Never- “Replica”, Novos Baianos- “Acabou Chorare”, Steely Dan- “Aja”

Fun Fact about you or your show:

Every week I make a very special poster for my show.