Monthly Archives: September 2013

Aaron Carter Preview

“People all around you gotta come get it,” half-sings Aaron Carter in what can only be described as the greatest lyrical exemplum capturing the 21st century American cultural zeitgeist. Aaron Carter, younger brother of Nick who was a … Read More >

MS MR Preview

“Welcome to the inner workings of my mind / so dark and foul I can’t disguise,” soars Lizzy Plapinger’s icy vocals over “Hurricane” the first track off MS MR’s debut album, Secondhand Rapture. MS MR, the New York … Read More >


“And yet                                                   If the world would shut up Even for a while Perhaps We … Read More >

Bleached and Hardcore Women who Rock

Rejoice! After passive-aggressively checking WUD Music’s and the band’s own website for the last couple weeks, I was thrilled to hear that Bleached, a four-piece punkish-rock “girl band” (more on this later), is FINALLY coming to Madison. For … Read More >

Volcano Choir Preview

When Justin Vernon comes to Madison this Friday, it won’t be to perform with Bon Iver, the solo passion project that cultivated a mythology out of the creation of an outstanding album, then expanded into a Grammy-winning mini-orchestra … Read More >