Aaron Carter Preview

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    Mon Sep 30 2013


“People all around you gotta come get it,” half-sings Aaron Carter in what can only be described as the greatest lyrical exemplum capturing the 21st century American cultural zeitgeist. Aaron Carter, younger brother of Nick who was a part of his own pop cultural cornerstone (the eloquently named Backstreet Boys), is to say the least a towering force of popular pop rap music that has trailblazed the way for so many other artists who followed his brave lead.

From the landmark Aaron's Party to the equally great Oh Aaron and game changing Another Earthquake!, Aaron Carter has managed to create an artistic model at such a young age. His greatest songs, now standards sung worldwide, touch the lives of so many, their power can't be understated. His ability to describe his unrivaled artifice in “That's How I Beat Shaq” or altruistic love in his ballad “I'm All About You” showcase the tales that make this man into the beloved, global myth he is today.

Aaron Carter comes to Madison this Tuesday night at the Majestic theatre; expect to hear one of the most talked about and highly rated performances of the decade. Audience members will be not able to hold back the tears or their dancing feet, as Aaron will take them upon a magical, melodic carpet ride of highs and higher highs of exalted jubilation. This is going to be one hell of a concert. If you have any doubts about this in your mind, remember Aaron's astute words: “After all you're just a grown up / whachya gonna do?”