Monthly Archives: September 2013

Riot Fest at a Glance

Riot Fest is potentially the most polarized festival out there. Walking into the grounds on Friday, the contrast between Hot Topic tweens with My Chemical Romance back patches and graying, chill punk dads was hilariously stark. The contrast between having … Read More >

Savages Preview

SAVAGES are coming to town this Wednesday. They are an intense group of four women from London who play post-punk music that will rock your face off.  Nothing about them is unintentional; from the declarative, almost prophetic statements they post … Read More >

Cherub Review

I had few expectations as I walked into the Majestic last night to see Cherub. First, I did not expect the lead singer to sound that great. Second, I did not think the crowd would be familiar with much … Read More >

Elephant Revival Review

Elephant Revival is a quintet of five incredibly multi-talented musicians, all contribute vocals and writing in addition to playing a wide range of instruments.  Sage Cook on banjo, guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, bass and fiddle; Bridget Law on fiddle and … Read More >

My Hopes and Dreams for “Better Call Saul”

If you’re a regular listener or follower of the show, you might have noticed that my voice is missing. I know this may disappoint the ladies–namely my mom, aunts, and grandma. Fear not, it’s only for the semester (thanks … Read More >