Iration Preview

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    by Web manager
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    Sat Feb 22 2014
Imagine, you're sitting in the warm climates of Isla Vista, southern California, a stone's throw away from UC-Santa Barbara. Friends are grilling out and the speakers are bumping a feel-good, reggae rock playlist. Nice thought, eh?
This is what you'll feel when you're listening to Iration! Originally from Hawaii, their sound is perfect for a party or for a night of chilling inside with friends. So-Cal is a hub of reggae-rock, and Iration is one of the kingpins of that sound.
My favorite album of theirs is Time Bomb (2010). It has big enjoyable hits like “Time Bomb” and “Changed My Mind”, which you might have already heard and not even known it!
I've never seen Iration play live, so I am incredibly pumped for this show tomorrow. I have no doubts that Iration's live show will be everything I've hoped for, especially since the band will play at the nationally-acclaimed California Roots Festival on May 24th with some of the best names in reggae.
Don't miss the opening bands tomorrow: The Movement, Natural Vibrations, and Micah Brown. These guys have been hitting the festivals and major stages hard this past year, and the buzz about them is legitimate. My guy DJ Trichrome will be spinning on the 1's and 2's between sets tomorrow, and you're guaranteed to dance!
-Kayla Kush