Paper Diamond Review

I arrived at the concert one hour late during the first act, BRANCHEZ. I was pleasantly surprised when he dropped, Vic Mensa’s (Chicago hip-hop artist and friend of Chance the Rapper) new song “Feel That,” which was released earlier in the day. Also BRANCHEZ and LOUDPVCK each dropped a song from my favorite trap artist TNGHT, who always throws down original beats of unique unheard sounds. BRANCHEZ ended the show on a high note with a remix of Rihanna’s “Stay.” BRANCHEZ flowed effortlessly into LOUDPVCK.
Paper Diamond took awhile to set up, but once he began the audience’s energy immediately returned. He came out playing the first song off of his album, “Snowfall.” I really wish he played more Levitate or EDM style music, instead of so much trap. 
-Sarah Molepske