Hannibal Buress Hits Madison


Although Hannibal Buress’s time in Madison was less than 24 hours (as he mentioned in his opening statement with concerns that he wouldn’t have the time to take a shit while he was in Madison) his performance was truly one to remember. 

Buress covered a lot of ground during the show, with discussion ranging from T.I. (Buress’ favorite musician and criminal) to his girlfriend’s tips on staying healthy (by telling him he’s going to die) to waiters in making him feel guilty for complaining about rats. Buress also introduced new aspects to a stand-up performance, bringing along a DJ to play various beats, sound bites and songs that he effortless incorporated into the show.

Unconventional for a standup comedian, Buress returned to the stage after his closing statements, joined by three ballet dancers, rapping while they danced gracefully behind him. If you missed Hannibal Buress’ performance, don’t fear! You can catch him on Comedy Central’s Broad City or doing the voice of Crisco on FX’s Chozen.

-Melissa Heck