‘My Time' with Sky

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    Wed May 07 2014
Sky Ferreira

Photo by Catie Rutledge

Being one of those kids who really like their music and even prefer it live, I was quite excited when I heard about the Revelry Music and Arts Festival. I saw the lineup and was impressed that the organizers involved a range of music genres, from the more mellow sounds of Angel Olsen to the you-appreciate-it-more-when-you're-drunk sounds of Waka Flocka Flame. No matter what genre of music tickles your fancy, it was bound to be a good day for music lovers.

 It felt somewhat pitiful for the first couple of bands who performed on the Main Stage because of the small number of people who turned up. They might have had a better time performing in a pub. Luckily, the crowd began to gather towards the end of Angel Olsen's set and became even greater, minutes before Sky Ferreira was to grace the stage. I was looking forward to seeing Sky as I find her nervousness, paralyzing shyness and all round personality intriguing (Obviously, I'm also a fan of her heavy synth-pop music). As I waited for Sky Ferreira to start her set, I looked around and realized this was her type of crowd – mostly girls in outfits that were shamelessly grunge-inspired.


Photo by Catie Rutledge

She finally came on stage amidst screams coming from the newly formed crowd, wearing a long plaid t-shirt dress, black boots and dark sunglasses that further accentuated her persona. She started her set with the first three tracks: My Time, ‘Boys', ‘Ain't Your Right' and '24 Hours' off her somewhat commercially successful debut album Night Time, before continuously singing about a fascinating Japanese Jesus character on the track, ‘Omanko'. At this point, I was still waiting for the moment in the set when a massive sense of euphoria kicks in and thought I'll experience this when Sky started singing the love-filled ‘Heavy Metal Heart' (a song she recently said she enjoyed playing live) but that moment never came. She kept up the same swaying momentum for the next four songs in the set, ‘So Young', ‘I Will', ‘Everything Is Embarrassing' and ‘Werewolf' before winding up her set with arguably her most acknowledged song to till date, the melancholic ‘You're Not The One'.

As I walked away from the Main Stage, I couldn't help but wonder if her fascinating character will let her or the crowd she's performing for, ever reach that stage of euphoria.

– Folarin Ajibade (Flo)