2nd Annual WLHA Resurrection Weekend

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    by Web manager
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    Fri Jul 25 2014


Two weeks ago today, WSUM was thrown into a time warp. Alumni of WSUM's predecessor, WLHA seized control of the station for the weekend to bring Madison listeners a blast from the past. The 2nd Annual WLHA Resurrection Weekend saw DJs troop in from all over and quickly make themselves at home in our East Campus Mall station, as if it they were still broadcasting out of their beloved Lakeshore facilities. As if no time had passed, the participants picked up where they had left off, broadcasting vintage show playlists and jingles to the enjoyment of all.

The staff and DJs of WSUM enjoyed hosting the 2nd Annual WLHA Resurrection Weekend and basking in the wealth of knowledge of our predecessors. We hope that next summer sees a 3rd resurrection take place that is even larger and more fun the previous two have been. Thank you to everyone who participated this year and to all our listeners who surely enjoyed the experience.

Scott Collins, former WLHA Music Director and resurrection participant has written a lovely summary of the event, complete with some great photos of the weekend. Click here to read Scott's recap.