Panda Bear Preview




Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear, is at The Majestic Saturday the 27th. For those unfamiliar with his music, he sounds like walking through an underwater park. Skipping children, dancing women, and billions of neon fish surround you. Just listen to “Surfer’s Hymn” off of his 2011 release Tomboy. He’s here as a part of his tour to promote his upcoming album tentatively called Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper.




Not everyone sees Panda’s music as danceable, but personally I’m excited to show off my moves, and I encourage everyone else to join me. For me dancing to his music is almost involuntary, he puts me into a bit of a trance-like state where all I can do is sway and loll my head around.




I have high expectations for this concert. I saw Animal Collective when they visited Madison last October, and it was a gorgeous night. I can only hope Panda Bear will deliver the same lost-in-the-music feeling I got that night.




True to his Animal Collective roots, Panda Bear gets pretty freaky sometimes. You might ask yourself, “What am I doing? Where did my face go?”




So, if you find yourself at this concert and see a girl slowly swaying like an alien hula dancer, join me! It’ll be a fun night.


Panda Bear is performing Saturday September 27th at the Majestic Madison. Doors are at 8 PM, show is at 9 PM.

For more information visit the show page here.