Love Inks – EXI



Love Inks, a minimalist pop trio from Austin, returns to the music scene with their latest release, EXI.

The album opens with “Shoot 100 Panes Of Glass,” a lazily sultry number introduced by sparse guitar chords and the soft but incessant pitter-patter of the electronic drum machine. The electronic drums continue their pitter-patter a little more slowly in the second track, “Dawn / Poem.” On this track, the guitar part has more of a buzz to it, but it works well with singer Sherry LeBlanc’s ethereal voice and the harmonies in the piece.

On “I Don’t Hear That,” the soft drum beat starts to sound a bit too much the same. A little variety would’ve helped, but it’s still an enjoyable track. “New West” is a very quirky track with the guitar providing a delightfully weird wah-wah accompaniment. “Sky Machine” maintains the wah-wah guitar element, and adds some other musical effects found more commonly in rock music, though it is still done on a much smaller scale.

The album closes out with “Spirit Communication,” a track as eerie as its title. This final song concludes the album by reminding us that though things end, it does not mean we won’t wish for them.

All in all, Love Inks’ EXI is quite an intriguing album, and will appeal to fans of dark, dreamy pop akin to Stars and Emiliana Torrini.

Recommended tracks: #2, 8


– Su Yong


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