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Silent Mind – Good Morning Mr. Bright

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    by Web manager
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    Mon Nov 24 2014


The album opens with the soothing sounds of “Happy”. With its relaxed rhythms and care-free approach, it's the musical equivalent of a warm day in the sun with no shortage of good times or good company. A hint of the blues makes its way into the largely pop-driven structure, adding an extra layer to the “on cloud nine” opener.

The track “Say Something” takes a dive into the lowdown, dirty blues that will have listeners eager to follow suit.

Its “Saints And Sinners” that comes the closest in terms of embodying the singer/songwriter genre; calming acoustics and subtle percussion paint a picture that's filled in with Bright's insight — as simplistic as it is profound. With its stripped down, organic approach and universal message, “Saints And Sinners” is a track that's bound to resonate with listeners.

Recommended tracks: #3, 5, 10

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