Doomtree Preview

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    Mon Feb 16 2015


Every now and then a show gets announced that checks off all of the boxes, and this is one of those shows. A perfect storm of hip-hop, if you will. The rap patrons of Madison have recognized this, and responded accordingly. If you were hesitant about buying tickets for this show, you've put it off for far too long. As of February 12 every last ticket has been claimed. But if you're one of the proactive types… buckle up, because woah boy you're in for a ride. The surrounding buzz has grown to the level that can only be produced by a sold out show.
The headliner of this show, Doomtree, hails from Minneapolis. Doomtree… how to describe Doomtree? Is it a record label? A print publisher? A hip hop collective? The answer is a resounding yes to all of these things. With such a far reach, the enigmatic collective often defies categorization. When asked about the meaning behind the group's name, rapper and Doomtree member P.O.S. couldn't provide one. According to him it's just a made-up word that doesn't have meaning. But this ambiguous name is far from hollow, as it has grown to define this collective of artists, friends, and their work. The individual members P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger have garnered a strong following for themselves through their solo work, but the real excitement occurs when they take the stage en masse. They're touring off the release of their new LP All Hands, so expect a completely fresh, highly energetic performance.

Joining Doomtree on the All Hand Tour is LA rapper, Hellfyre Club member, podcast host, and art rap champion Open Mike Eagle. I would describe Michael Eagle II as critically acclaimed, but largely unnoticed. He has made waves in the LA music scene, with a feature in LA Weekly choosing him as “the hottest thing in indie rap.” His 2014 album Dark Comedy was enthusiastically received by critics and fans alike. If you aren't familiar with Open Mike Eagle, be prepared for an incredibly pleasant surprise. If you are a fan who's familiar with his work, then you're probably already giddy with excitement. His set will undoubtedly be witty, sharp, and cerebral.

The opener Greg Grease also hails from Minneapolis, as so many aspiring rappers do. I'd say he falls into a similar vein of creative expression that Open Mike Eagle does. Everything about his persona oozes cool-headedness. This is supported by the fact that his other creative outlet is hand crafting leather goods under the moniker “River Life Dry Goods.” How chill is that?

This show is truly going to be something special. Every act brings something unique to the table, so get there early and experience them all. I'll see you there.

Doomtree w/ Open Mike Eagle and Greg Grease, The Majestic Theater, Saturday February 21, 8 PM Doors, 9 PM Show.

Tickets (SOLD OUT)