Lettuce at the Majestic



It was an honor to represent WSUM at the Lettuce show on February 18th and it could not have been a better time. Opening and setting the tone for the evening was Brooklyn-based musician Break Science. Incorporating synthesizer, a miniature talk-box piano, DJ mixing pad, and Lettuce’s drummer Adam Deltch, the elements combined for a groovy, electronic jam session. The crowd was really digging their unique sound; a healthy amount of grooving and dancing was taking place. Concluding the Break Science set, trumpeter Eric Bloom and saxophonist Ryan Zoidis (together known as Shady Horns) from Lettuce joined for an awe-inspiring collaboration. After that performance, I was more than excited for what was ahead.

I came into the show with high expectations, and from the moment Lettuce began belting out the first song to the end of the show, I was thoroughly satisfied. Lead bassist Erick “Jesus” Coomes came on a with what appeared to be a pair of Kanye West-looking shutter shades, but to everybody’s surprise he turned them on and they displayed phrases such as “Jesus saved the funk” and “Lettuce Rage”. For those not accustomed to their sound, Jesus describes Lettuce as “…like a Learjet that wasn’t getting clearance from the tower, but we’re done just rolling around on the runway.” In other words: they bring the funk.

Employing drums, saxophone, bass, guitar, and piano, the funk was electrifying, coursing through the entirety of the Majestic and brought the building to life. It seems as if everyone there was a part of the jam session on stage. Every member had a solo and they brought the heat. It was nearly impossible to not dance and jam along with them. Playing songs from their Fly album, they demonstrated why they have conquered stages as prestigious as Bonaroo and The Fillmore in San Francisco.

After all was said and done, the funk that had just been experience was still alive and I was left jamming all night. I was beyond impressed and I do believe that everyone in the Majestic left that night with a smile on their face and good vibes in their heart. I am very excited to see what this band has planned in the near future and from the sound of it, there’s nothing holding these guys back.


Ryan Breon