WSUM at the IBS Awards



This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System’s 75th Conference in New York City. It was the first year that WSUM participated in the Conference, and I am pleased to say that it was very successful. Over 150 speakers, 100 sessions and tours, and 1,400 attendees from college, high school, and even junior high school stations from all across the world attended!


In addition to holding sessions on how to become the best radio station possible, the IBS Conference honored excellence in programming, air personalities, public service efforts, and outstanding stations. Despite it being our first year as a member of IBS, WSUM was nominated for seven awards including awards for best sports production, news production, and public affairs. The seven nominations were among the top 5% of all categories in the world, and WSUM ranked in the top 10 of most nominated pieces.





Here are the seven awards that we were nominated for:


  • Best Public Affairs Program – Maddy O’Neill for Treason and Cheating
  • Best Spot News – Maddy O’Neill for Christ Christie Scandal Update
  • Best Public Affairs Event/Promotion – Sarah Hopefl for Band Together to Beat Cancer
  • Best Public Service Announcement – Anna Batz for Sexual Assault PSA
  • Best Play-by-Play (Basketball) – Reid Magnum for Wisconsin vs Kentucky Final Four
  • Best Sports Play-By-Play (Others) – Reid Magnum and Scott Memmel for Wisconsin vs. Missouri State Women’s Volleyball
  • Best Station Promo – Evan Boyd for Jack White Promo


To see all of the winners and the conference, check out the IBS awards page!

For more information about the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, check out their website.




Evan Boyd