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Download ‘Live on U DUB' for free!

Hey everyone, it's DJ Kayla Kush here. I've been hosting U DUB for nearly five years and it's been such a blast! In addition to playing sweet reggae jams and dubs every Wednesday for the people of Madison and beyond, I've enjoyed bringing a bunch of reggae bands onto the airwaves to play live.

In 2012, I worked with John Praw of Mine All Mine Records to put together a CD compilation to showcase the 10 bands who had played on my show so far: Nama Rupa, Super Irie & the Rockstones, T.U.G.G., TakI Allstars, Natty Nation, KingTown Rockers, Dread-I International Connection, Dubtonic Kru, Roots Collective, and Unity. It was tough to choose just one song from each band's set, since everyone put on incredible performances packed with original tunes!

On December 15th, 2012, we released Live on U DUB and had a CD release show at The Dragonfly Lounge with great performances by T.U.G.G., Roots Collective, & KingTown Rockers featuring Super Irie. The venue was packed and we sold out of the first batch of CDs that were made. All the money we made was donated to WSUM, the best radio station in the nation!

Now you can enjoy Live on U DUB for free simply by going to Mine All Mine's Bandcamp page and getting a download. It was a great experience making this album happen, and I'm grateful for the bands and the WSUM staff who were part of it. Rest assured knowing that Volume 2 is in the works!

Click here to download Live on U DUB.

Love – Reggae – U Dub – Positivity – Dream,

Kayla Kush!