WSUM Fights against Cancer

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    by Web manager
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    Mon Apr 20 2015


Although hard to believe, the WSUM Exec Staff DOES actually hang out in their free time. Some of the WSUMer's (including myself) spent their Friday night at Relay for Life on April 10th raising both money and awareness for a cause that deserves everyone's attention, cancer.

The event went all night from 6 pm Friday night, until 6 am Saturday morning. After beginning with an emotional appearance from cancer survivors, the night quickly evolved into a fun, social atmosphere. Everything from male beauty pageants to Zumba classes to ice-skating to lip-sync battles were all happening throughout the night. In fact, WSUM took home gold in the lip-sync battle thanks to our very own Evan Boyd AKA Sir Mix-a-Lot (video evidence found here). And despite strong competition, we had a respectable appearance in the male beauty pageant. Regardless, we took pride in embarrassing ourselves for such a good cause.

Relay for Life at UW Madison had over 1,200 participants comprising 145 teams. The event raised $104,154.56 in total and WSUM contributed $1,131.53, surpassing our goal.

Although the event is over, it is not too late for you to donate to a great cause! To contribute to the fight against cancer, buy one of our anti-cancer buttons at the traffic desk or head on over to our donation page!