Chance the Rapper – Revelry's Main Man

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    Mon Apr 27 2015

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What a time it is to be Chance the Rapper. The newly turned 22 year old from Chicago has been lighting up the rap scene ever since he dropped his sophomore project, Acid Rap, back in April of 2013. Since then, he has collaborated with a plethora of artists including Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment to supplying music filled to the brim with jazzy trumpet riffs and footwork beats. Chance is slated to drop his third project, SURF, in the near future yet with no official release date yet it will be a surprise.

So what can UW-students expect out of Chance at Revelry? Having past experience with Chance live, I can tell you there will be no shortage of energy. The passion that is so obvious in his songs translates perfectly to the stage. Chance's heart and soul pours out into the audience. There'll be moments where he brings the energy up for some raucous head banging during songs like “Smoke Again” or “Favorite Song” but he will also slow it all down and bring the crowd into his more emotional thoughts for tracks like “Hey Ma” or “Chain Smoker.” Chance's masterful ability to convey his passions to the audience with his excellent lyricism and flow is part of what has gotten him from unknown to headliner status.

His story in itself is unique. Chancellor Bennett was born in raised in Chicago's generally dangerous South Side. His father was a local politician who worked alongside then-senator Barack Obama. Despite his family's political background, it was the arts that had always attracted young Chance. It wasn't until Kanye West's College Dropout that Chance even listened to rap music. He joined up with some friends to form the group Instrumentality, which released a couple tapes until Chance decided to truly reveal himself to the world with his first solo project 10 Day. This first mixtape received a bit of acclaim, which got Chance's name on the map, but it wasn't until Acid Rap that his career really took off.  The deeper lyrics, exquisite production, and flawless blending of Chicago's music roots tailored by Chance's love for jazz made Acid Rap truly profound.

As his fans salivate for the release of SURF, the young rapper hasn't lost any momentum. His work with the Social Experiment exhibits Chance's love for innovation. On one of his more recent tracks titled “Lady Friend”, Chance opens with harmonic and breezy singing over precise chords. This immediately leads into his more rapid rapping style that makes fans sigh happily and say “ahhhh”. Another popular release from Chance is “Sunday Candy” which, like “Lady Friend”, incorporates beautiful harmonies and singing but also has Chicago's footwork beat leading the way. The music video that accompanies this track also is a perfect representation of Chance as the one-take film lights up your screen with an early 20th century set, vibrant costumes, and excellent choreography.

As it seems very unlikely that Chance would drop SURF within the next week, I'd expect to hear a bit of his old tracks, specifically off Acid Rap, along with a lot of his new material. Chance is not only going to be providing Madison with an amazing show, but he is going to by hyping his upcoming project. Chance the Rapper is still in the stage of his career where people are asking “How Good?” For UW students unfamiliar with the budding star, it's your time to find out.

Chance is the Revelry headliner and is scheduled to begin his set at 9 PM on Saturday, May 2nd.