Podcast Episode 1 – Revelry

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    Mon Apr 27 2015


WSUM in collaboration with WUD Music is proud to announce our new podcast! Every month, we will be bringing you discussions on the state of new music: trends, new artists, events, and more! Be sure to follow the podcast and both WSUM and WUD Music on Facebook and Twitter for updates and ways to get involved.

In this first episode, Andrew Mackens from WUD Music and Evan Boyd, Flo Ajibade, and Chloe DeVries from WSUM discuss everything Revelry related: the festival grounds set up, changes from last year's event, and who we're excited about seeing (mostly Chance the Rapper).

Revelry is happening Saturday, May 2nd, at the Library Mall, so be sure to get your tickets!

Please note that this was recorded at the end of March, so the information contained within may not reflect recent developments with the festival.


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