Snake On the Lake Fest 2015 Lineup

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    Fri Jul 24 2015

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WSUM, UW's student-run radio station, is once again hosting Snake on the Lake, a free music festival event for students and the Madison community alike. Snake on the Lake will take place at The Sett in Union South on September 11, 2015 from 6:00pm-midnight, through a partnership with the Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD-Music). This year's Snake on the Lake will feature a diverse lineup of artists all local to Madison, in order to celebrate just a piece of the vibrant music scene this city has to offer! Additionally, WSUM aims to encourage students to experience music in Madison on their own.

Burial Hex

Burial Hex

(photo: Shantidas Riedacker)

For over a decade, Burial Hex (Clay Ruby) has provided curious listeners with a vast discography tying together classical music, black metal, and noise, creating a sound often described as “horror electronics”. Influenced by the occult and the esoteric, Burial Hex delivers not only a performance, but a ritualistic experience. Since 2004, Burial Hex's output has included pure electronic noise, neo-folk and martial industrial influenced compositions, beat-based electronic tracks, pipe-organ solo works, as well as a split album with UW-Madison alum and electronic goth-pop icon, Zola Jesus. Burial Hex's performance at Snake on the Lake will be his only Wisconsin performance in 2015.

Samantha Glass

Samantha Glass

(photo: Audre Rae Kruel)

Blending dreamy ambiance, bright synth melodies, and dark industrial characteristics, Samantha Glass (Beau Devereaux) uses synthesizers, analog drum machines, bass guitar, and effected vocals to fabricate a trance-like soundscape. Samantha Glass shifts between atmospheric drone tracks, and beat-based arrangements featuring catchier, ethereal synth themes.

Mr. Jackson

Mr. Jackson

Mr. Jackson (Ethan Jackson) applies positive vibes to groovy synth-funk, encouraging listeners to embrace love and cherish life or, in his words, “capture their very own golden hour”. Whatever one's “golden hour” might be, Mr. Jackson is sure to make the audience dance and appreciate the now, suggesting you to “relax your mind”.



(photo: Heidi E. Johnson)

Emerging from a brother-sister duo (Courtney and Frank Jarman), Myrmidons (now including Bill Villain) entices listeners with bouncy, math-surf-rock. Featuring complex rhythmic changes, Theremin-like vocals, surf guitar twangs, and an often aggressive, punk aesthetic, this trio stands out among Madison's rock output.

Proud Parents

proud parents

There has been a strong scene of Madisonian garage rock/pop in recent years. Proud Parents, featuring members of The Hussy, Fire Retarded, Gonzo Rongs, Disembodied Monks, and Giant People, is Madison's power-pop super group (Claire Nelson-Lifson, Tyler Fassnacht, Heather Hussy, Alex Seraphin). Described as “jangle-chunk”, Proud Parents combines lo-fi garage rock with upbeat, melodic pop tunes.

DJ Evan Woodward


An active member of the DJ scene in Madison, Evan Woodward frequents a variety of local bars and clubs such as Natt Spil, and Mickey's for the monthly Legalize It! event. Spinning before and between acts at Snake on the Lake, Woodward's all-vinyl, dance-central sets are sure to make the audience move.