WLHA Takeover

Every summer, WSUM plays host to the WLHA Resurrection Reunion Weekend.  WLHA was UW Madison’s carrier current radio station for the lakeshore dorms way back from the 60s to the 90s. This means that if you had a radio in your dorm, turning the dial all the way down to 640 AM would tune you into WLHA.  The station and their DJ’s antics was beloved by many, so for the last three years WSUM has let them take over the station for a weekend! The 64 hour marathon weekend was full of fun.

wlha 2015

This year, in addition to their classic jingles, promos, and corny jokes, the guys planned a whole scavenger hunt! Listeners had to tune in to hear clues that described places in the campus area, where they’d find capsule with a code they had to call in and report to the guys in the studio. WSUM’s very own team won, with four capsules and a correct trivia question!  Special thanks to all the other teams –  Dennis, Bob, Mary, Stephanie, Claire, John,  Kelly, Z, Frank, Andy Kiesling, Michael Moore, Brandon Ingle, and Cameron Meyers!


The WSUM team had a wonderful time biking around campus and finding the capsules. The weather was great, and visiting the spots that were meaningful to students decades ago was a really unique experience.

Thanks guys! We hope to see you again next year.