Wavves Preview

Seeing Wavves at Lollapalooza in 2013 was amazing. It was the first year I went all three days and I got to see SOOOOO many of my favorite acts. The best show of the whole weekend, despite greats like Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, the Cure, and more, was Wavves. The San Diego garage/punk-rock/surf-rock project of Nathan Williams had more energy, and more fun than any other artist on stage that weekend. The band was on tour for Afraid of Heights —– their most alt-rock sounding album to date. Hearing new songs like “Demon to Lean On,” mixed in with their surf-rock classics like “King of the Beach” and “Post Acid” was some of the most fun I’ve had at a show.
wavves preview
I’m super pumped to be seeing these guys again in Madison at the Majestic on September 21st. It’s been a few years since Afraid of Heights came out, but they recently released a collaboration album with Cloud Nothings called No Life For Me, and I’m hoping we might get to hear a few of those tracks at the show. Their upcoming album V is being released in October, but if we’re lucky we might get to hear a sneak peek of some new tracks off that LP as well. I’m hoping they bring the same amped-up energy they had at Lolla to the Majestic, and I hope the crowd is as fond of Wavves as they were back in 2013.