Wavves Review

What a night! Arriving just in time to catch Twin Peaks open, I watched the semi-post-adolescent group kill it on stage. As a fellow Chicagoan, I automatically have to love them, but despite my home-town bias, these guys rock. Playing almost every song off their 2014 LP Wild Onion, along with a few earlier tracks, Twin Peaks had the energy and presence of seasoned veterans. Speaking of which…
wavves review
Wavves nailed it. Playing just enough of the “oldies but goodies” mixed in with not only a song from their collaboration with Cloud Nothings, but they played us unreleased songs from their soon to be released V. At the end of the show, they decided they were too cool to go off stage for the encore and let the continuity of the set keep any energy from dissipating. Front man Nathan Williams promised the crowd when he finished his bottle of wine he would jump from the balcony. He kept his promise. During the final song of the night he made his way to the upper level of the Majestic, the crowd rushed to catch him, each of us hoping that by softening his fall, perhaps we might attain just a hint of his surf-punk awesomeness. Everyone went home that night satisfied.