Cashmere Cat Review

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    Sun Oct 11 2015

cashmere cat review

On October 9 Cashmere Cat visited Madison Wisconsin to perform at Liquid (formerly called Segredos). For those that don't know the artists real name is Magnus Hoiberg and he's originally from Norway. He's part of the newer electronic scene that mixes and remixes already great songs. Starting off on the Pelican Fly label he made a name for himself using platforms like Soundcloud and beatport. With over 300,000 followers on Soundcloud he has shared his unique style of hip-hip/future beat/electronic and has been well received since his earlier debut in 2011.

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Nearly everything has remained the same but with some minor modification to the club layout. The biggest change is the elevated VIP section the put in the back of the main dance floor. It takes nearly have of the area that used to be completely open for anyone to watch the show. Now it's partially reserved and pay to enter. My big issue with Liquid is they really don't have any idea of how to manage the crowds they have. The first half of the show people were able to go in and out as the pleased. Then at some point in the night they decided to change that rule and once you exit you out. There were several people that found out the hard way, even after showing their ticket receipts at the entrance.

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The club has a pretty nice lighting system so when Cashmere Cat can onto the stage the heavy bass accompanied with the dream like lighting really got people ready. He started off with some of his classics from the Mirror Maru EP and Wedding Bells EP. I think this was his way of saying thank you to all his earlier fans. As with all electronic shows people don't show up for the medium paced songs, they want and adrenaline rush with lots of bass.  Cashmere Cat didn't disappoint the overall show started slowly and built to variations/remixes of new rap/hip-hop. He managed the higher energy parts of his set with a milder middle section and built it up again near the end. It was a great show to jump out on the main floor and just enjoy yourself. Like most events like this the crowd is broken up into 3 groups. The folks that stand around and talk, the folks that dance on the main floor, and the shyer folks. Your experience at this concert really depends on which group you see yourself in.  Cashmere Cat performed a great show, if you were patient enough to stay till 2am you would have heard a few newer songs. The only issue I had was the earlier acts were just not as interesting or intense. One of the best things to have happen is to discover a new artist while waiting for the main show.  Dense City and Yatch Club just didn't live up my expectation. It seemed like they were still discovering their own unique sound.