Underachievers and Friends Preview

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    Thu Oct 15 2015


Flatbush, Brooklyn natives, The Underachievers,  are coming in hot this week, Thursday October 15th, for everyone at the Majestic MadisonWe hope you all are ready for a rowdy night because the boys didn't come alone either; among friends on their “Forevermore Express North American Tour” are Pouya and the Buffet Boys, Kirk Knight, and Bodega Bamz. Clearly the Majestic is about to be topsy-turvy with litness and raps.

Madison is definitely blessed for having the chance to attend this very rare/gnarly performance. Other locations close to home include Chicago and Ann Arbor, and after a few shows in Canada as well as the duo's home region on the east coast, so we definitely pay homage to the crew for keeping us in mind!

It's not like we haven't shown support before at their last show in Madison just one year ago when they toured with Flatbush Zombies and had the Majestic going brazy! They definitely overachieved on that show performing classic cuts off their Indigoism tape as well as their 2014 LP Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium. I recall AK and Issa Gold along with the zombies rocking all white and keeping the crowd in the air throughout each of their double timed dark trap tracks with speedy delivery and frantic energy. Even fooling the crowd with their exit, they came back to rock with Flatbush and ended the night with a bang to say the least. All that being said, I'm sure Madison is definitely ready for round deuce!


The anticipation is also real to see how they rock their most recent material off of their latest LP Evermore: The Art of Duality, which just dropped just a few weeks ago. Although the album has more contemplative and serious records throughout the beginning of the project, I trust they will carry through as usual with their engagement. Tracks I look forward to hearing include Shine All Gold, Illusions, Reincarnation, and Illusions. 

Aside from the obvious, the show is definitely gonna be something else with the lineup of opening acts. Kirk Knight recently did a tour earlier this year with Chicago rappers, Mick Jenkins, Noname Gypsy, and Saba that I heard was more than a success. The Pro-Era affiliate is bound to hold his own during the set and add more to the festivities for the evening.

Bodega Bamz should definitely also be doing his thing as well. I hadn't listened to his LP Sidewalk Exec until recently (I'm sleep), and I was more than hooked. Plus, shout out the homie for putting on for Latino rappers in the game!

As for Pouya and the Buffet Boys, I'm not precisely sure what to expect, but honestly the result can only be positive with the arsenal of artists that are gonna hit the stage.

Don't miss out this Thursday! Find your tickets through Majestic here!