Trevor Hall Review: 5 Things You Might Ask at a Trevor Hall Concert


Trevor Hall rocked the Majestic Theater last Thursday. He’s touring in support of his new album KALA, which is making waves. On his website, Trevor says the concept of KALA is about surrendering to time: “all the bad, all the good, and everything in between—it’s all happening in perfect time.”

The show was enjoyable overall. I expected Trevor’s sound to be lighter than it really was, but he had a way of filling up the space with acoustic rock-y, folk-y, jam-my, reggae-y vibes. Besides his own guitar and vocals, Trevor included a stand-up bass player, keyboard player, and drummer. His songs would often start low key, then catch a hook and grow.

Quite honestly, there are a lot of people obsessed with Trevor Hall, and I was hoping this show would show me what the fuss is all about. I left without becoming one of those people, but I appreciate the energy he’s putting out, and I understand why some people are all over it. I would gladly see him play again.

I often focus on a ton of things at shows, in addition to the music, so here are five things I found myself asking as a newbie to a Trevor Hall concert:


1. Is this a Dave Matthews concert?

  • No. But you could easily confuse the two based on the music and crowd.

2. Where did all these people come from?

  • All over. People are nuts about Trevor Hall and the Majestic was absolutely packed. When I looked at the merch table and saw over a dozen albums he released since the early 2000s, it all sort of made sense.

3. Where are dem dreads?

  • Chopped. Trevor Hall used to rock signature long blonde dreads. He explained that he recently had to cut them off after getting a staph infection. But you know what…dreads or no dreads, his energy was on point, and his new haircut looked snazzy!

4. What am I feeling?

  • Vibes. All the vibes. They’re comin’ right at ya, my friend, and they feel good.

5. Could this guy be any more of a dreamer?

  • No! Trevor is as big a dreamer as you can be, and I love that about him. He’d frequently take a few minutes to explain what the next song was about, and many of the songs he writes are inspired by dreams. Far out!