Badgers Beat Illinois 24-13



Another win on the pigskin from our fellow Badgers this past weekend in Urbana, Illinois against the Fighting Illini. With a final score of 24-13, the gang is able to beat Illinois during their homecoming game and make it back home with a usually expected “W” against the orange and navy rivals from next door.

The game got off to a bit of a shaky start with QB Joel Stave getting sacked and facing a minor injury in the ninth minute of the first quarter that put him out the rest of the game. To change things up in the 14th minute, Bart Houston finds Wheelright on a right slant throwing a 25 yard pass and completing the TD for a score of 7-3 Badgers.

Fast forward to the third quarter, Badgers up 10-6, Keyshawn Vaughn of Illinois takes a hand off and jets down the a gap in the field of lacking Badger defense for 36 yards scoring the touchdown and placing Illinois at 13-10.

No worries though; Badgers come back quick just short of the end zone with a hand off to Alec Ingold making the touchdown putting Badgers at 17-13.

Following that, Houston finds Erickson 15 yards out of the end zone and throws over the middle for the last TD by Erickson leaving the Badgers victorious again at 24-13.