Deerhunter Preview!

deer hunter preview photo


Although not everyone is into their sound, for fans of Deerhunter, a chance to see them live is literally an early Christmas present. The brain-child of Bradford Cox, Deerhunter is an Atlanta based indie-rock group formed in the early 2000’s. Since the time of their debut, Turn It Up Faggot, the band has spring boarded into major success. Their latest LP, Fading Frontier, comes just after Cox was hospitalized after being hit by a car. So the album has a sense of treating life like it really doesn’t even matter. There is a bittersweet melancholy, but also playfulness to the album, because he now has the sense that nothing really matters.


If we’re lucky, we’ll get to hear some of the stellar new tracks from Fading Frontier, but also several of his greats from earlier albums. I’m most hopeful about tracks like “Agoraphobia,” “Nothing Ever Happened,” and “Dr. Glass”. But I’m sure we’ll get a wide spectrum of tunes from Deerhunter’s prolific discography.
Cox’s solo project Atlas Sound will be kickin’ off the evening. I’m excited to see him performing both of his projects on one stage in one night. It will be interesting to see how his solo material will match up to Deerhunter’s critically acclaimed sound. One thing’s for sure; it’s bound to be a night full of Deerhunter’s quirky humor, and some solid, groovy tunes. The show takes place December 15th at the Majestic.