Kickback Preview

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    Sat Jul 23 2016
My first exposure to The Kickback was seeming them at a house show in Urbana, IL, during my senior year of college.The part of the performance that hooked me immediately was the song “Rob Our House,” a ballad of being burgled accompanied by a funky bass line.The lyrics – if you could call the stream-of-consciousness rambling “lyrics” – exuded a sincere vulnerability.I felt like I was there with front man Billy Yost as he explained the predicament to his mother.I look forward to another storytelling journey at the Frequency on Thursday.
The Kickback are a four-piece group originally from South Dakota who currently reside in Chicago, where Yost has also been known to work as a substitute teacher.Their first full length album, Sorry All Over The Place, was released in 2015.Jim Eno of Spoon, a personal hero of Yost, recorded and produced the album at Eno's studio, Public Hi-Fi, in Austin, Texas.
Sorry All Over The Place features several songs that the band has released previously but which have been rearranged and rerecorded for the album.Although some of the recordings come off with less raw energy as previous renditions, such as “Sting's Teacher Years,” but still manage to retain the emotion through the production process.Personal favorites from the album include “Scorched Earth Brouhaha,” a track about a summer gone awry, and “Fanger,” which is about as introspective as a song about taking a bath can get.
-Author: Joseph Marusarz