Motion City Soundtrack Preview

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    Wed Jul 27 2016

Motion City Soundtrack comes to The Barrymore Theatre this Thursday at 7pm on a Farewell tour capping off a 19 year career. Hailing from Minneapolis, the band infuses their music with emo and pop-punk influences. A veteran of the road, they have toured with Reggie and the Full Effect and Ultimate Fakebook.

They found success as Emo gained popularity in mainstream music and played dates on the Warped Tour in 2003. They were regarded as a “must-see” band by the time they returned to Warped for the 2004 tour. They toured incessantly during this time, playing 270 dates in 2004 alone including dates with Weezer.

 Their 2007 disc “Even If It Kills Me” found them collaborating with Ric Ocasek of The Cars and Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, Ivy and The Rentals. The band became enamored with the sound of the Moog Synthesizers after hearing Schelesinger play on The Rentals debut album –  “The Return of the Rentals”.

As often happens with bands, the members have married and some have had kids. Growing up changes the priorities and after almost 20 years of recording and touring the members are ready for a break. So catch them on this “farewell… for now” tour in Madison to celebrate the end of one era and the start of another.