LCD Soundsystem Preview

On April 2nd, 2011 LCD Soundsystem played their “last” show at Madison Square Garden in front of almost 20 thousand people. That performance was recorded and the footage was used to make “Shut Up and Play the Hits”, a documentary that I would watch and sob through many times during my high school years. It killed me that a band that I loved had called it quits so early despite their talent, youth, and devoted following. I was certain I would never see them. To fill the hole that this reality had pounded through me I would go to The Majestic for “LCD Soundsystem vs Daft Punk Dance Party” night, I would drive 5 hours to watch James Murphy DJ in Minneapolis, and I would always keep LCD’s discography downloaded and ready to go on whatever device I was using.

LUCKILY, 2016 is a truly incredible year. So incredible, that it has resurrected LCD Soundsystem from the dead. It all started as an unreliable article with rumors of a comeback on Consequence of Sound, which I read during an econ 101 power lecture and which naturally distracted me for the entire 75 minutes. The article was followed by a suspicious Christmas-themed track – the first song they had released in five years. Then, just days into the New Year, my wildest dreams had been confirmed and LCD’s return was solidified as they were announced as a Coachella headliner.

Months after LCD’s reemergence, I was disappointed to see that the band seemed to only be headlining major music festivals. The closest of which was Lollapalooza, which is a REALLY unfortunate place to see a band that holds so much sentimental value. Somehow 2016 has brought us YET ANOTHER GODDAMN MIRACLE as this tweet surfaced last week…..

picture 1 LCD preview


OBVIOUSLY this had to be LCD Soundsystem. The image is an inverse of their debut album and the typeface is also very similar…



Picture 2 LCD preview



Desperately hopeful suspicion turned into ecstasy as LCD was confirmed to play two nights in a row at The Metro, a venue in Chicago. The best part about this show is that The Metro only fits about 1,000 people, making this show extremely intimate compared to the 100,000 who will be on the Lollapalooza grounds to hear LCD’s headlining set. Somehow, I was the only one of my friends, or anyone I know for that matter, who was able to get my hands on a pair of tickets. I think it’s the universe’s way of rewarding me for all the accounting homework that I have suffered through this summer.

The show is this Saturday. I’ve been listening to nothing but LCD all week. I will report back soon.