Monthly Archives: July 2016

Kickback Preview

My first exposure to The Kickback was seeming them at a house show in Urbana, IL, during my senior year of college.  The part of the performance that hooked me immediately was the song “Rob Our House,” a ballad of being … Read More >

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Sting!

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Sting! Recently, I saw Sting and Peter Gabriel on their Rock, Paper, Scissors Tour at Chicago’s United Center and it was a blast! They kicked off the night with Peter Gabriel’s cover, “Rhythm of the Heat”. As … Read More >

Summerfest Recap

Summerfest: a place to enjoy a variety of music, half pound chickens, and beer that is too expensive for a college student. This pretty much sums up my trips to Milwaukee over the past few weeks. After previewing theRead More >

Off to Pitchfork!

Q:  What will half of WSUM staff be doing on July 15 – 17th?   A:  Running frantically.  (Between Red, Green, & Blue stages at Chicago’s Union Park) Ahh… Pitchfork Music Festival… one of our favorite (yet hectic) times of … Read More >