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Summerset Review

In total, Summerset 2016 was precisely everything it was expected to be; throngs of sweaty, exalted people all in one place to do exactly one thing – dance. One of the most special things about Summerset, and upon which they … Read More >

Skeletonwitch Preview

Skeletonwitch is back in Madison this Thursday, Aug. 25, for the first time since October 2013. The Frequency hosts the blackened thrash band along with local support from Zebras and No Hoax, which should prove to be a stellar setting … Read More >

The Bible 2

What’s in a name?  For the members of the band formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad, their name contained a remnant of immature insensitivity.  That’s why the band decided to release their most recent album, The Bible 2, under the … Read More >

Car Seat Headrest-Teens of Denial

  Will Toledo, the driving force behind Car Seat Headrest, might very well be the poster child for a Bandcamp success story. Car Seat Headrest began as a solo project in 2010 with Toledo recording the vocals of his first … Read More >

Nahko & Medicine for the People – Hoka. Album Review.

Given the tragedy woven into front man Nahko’s story you’d expect his music to be dark and depressing, but it is exactly the opposite. Nahko sings songs that mirror the positive, resilient, forgiving, and grateful person that he is despite … Read More >

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