Monthly Archives: September 2016

Car Seat Headrest Preview

This coming Tuesday, Will Toledo will be in Madison once again touring on behalf of his project Car Seat Headrest’s latest LP Teens of Denial. Car Seat was in Madison last fall, playing the frequency, but this time around, the … Read More >

Of Montreal Review

You know that feeling where you’re in the middle of a staring contest, and it’s been well over a minute and the pressure’s on. You HAVE to win, but your eyes are getting heavier and heavier. That was the feeling … Read More >

Mendoza Line Episode 9

The Mendoza Line is back, right before the end of the regular season! The Cubs have clinched – who will be next? In a tight race in the divisions and the wild card, Evan Boyd and Brendan Dzwierzynski talk all … Read More >

Mavis Staples Review

The agenda for the Majestic Theater crowd this Saturday was clear.  As gospel and soul legend Mavis Staples opened her show, she laid out a plan to spread “some joy, happiness, inspiration, and positive vibrations.”  Through an impassioned performance and … Read More >

Idol Worship and the Saint Pablo Tour Review

Technically, there wasn’t even a stage. When we got there it was nothing more than an empty basketball arena with a low-hanging rectangle of lights centered around twenty thousand people anxiously filling their seats. In the dim grey light curious … Read More >