Summer Peak: Working With Pitchfork

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    Sat Sep 03 2016

Summer Peak:  Working with Pitchfork


Although most of us won't dare to say farewell to sweet Summer, it's difficult to ignore Fall Semester's daunting stare. To counter next week's weight of classes, here is a healthy, pick-me-up.  WSUM's summer was full of highlights including a memorable collaboration with Pitchfork.

Mid-July was hot & busy for the station. We liked it this way.  Our time with Pitchfork via the music festival in Chicago's Union Park & Pitchfork Radio kept us on our toes and ears.  Be sure to know, that we will never forget this experience and so we are trying our best to make sure you don't either. 😉

Pitchfork Music Festival

WSUM received press passes and exclusive access to TalkHouse interviews sessions (later featured in Pitchfork Radio's programming). Here are some snapshots of this incredible 3day weekend:



Car Seat Headrest was moving. One of the many cherries to Will Toledo's set was a powerful cover of David Bowie's “Black Star” during a brief and meaningful rain drizzle.

Julia Holter's set was ethereal & very serene among the heat & chaos of other festivities.


TalkHouse Interview Session: Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene) and Julia Holter discuss the science behind vocal work and lyrics.


“Carly Rae Jepsen was an absolute QUEEN; there was not a dull moment in her set and the crowd seemed to know every word of every song.” –  Laura Oberwetter


Beach House never fails to dazzle the crowd.  A great end to day one.



Irish punk powerhouse, Girl Band, stirred a mosh storm in front of the stage.


TalkHouse Interview Session: Shamir & Aaron Maine (Porches) discuss interaction with fans and how different studio locations influence music production.


Station Manager, Evan Boyd, was “thrown” in the Savages' mosh pit and still managed to take this fantastic shot.


Blood Orange pulled an incredible performance, highlighting his 2016 album release of Freetown Sound.


TalkHouse Interview Session:


Max Kakacek & Julien Ehrilich (Whitney) and Spencer Tweedy share their insight upon Chicago's current music scene.


Many people nearly melted at the sight of Brian Wilson during his performance of Pet Sounds (including Station Manager, Evan Boyd)



“Sun Ra's Arkestra's cosmic power, their positive but challenging energy, Marshall Allen's virtuosic force, Sun Ra's immoirtal message of empowerment and his ethereal presence–all I could feel was love”  – Emili Earhart


“I was awakened to the beautiful sunday morning, and the first day of the rest of my life, while enjoying the freedom of Kamasi Washington's set. The father-son duo went places I didn't know music could go” – Izzy Fradin


Two years ago, FKA Twigs was playing on Pitchfork's smaller blue stage. This year, we witness the goddess herself perform for the festival's grand finale.

Some additional thoughts of the fest from WSUM's Rolands Lazaums:

“Over the years Pitchfork has gained the reputation of having a finger on the pulse of music trends and its festival off-shoot is no exception. This year, the festival gave an interesting look at where independent music is currently and where it is heading. Portions of the festival seemed to draw heavily on late 80s and early 90s nostalgia or stick to some sort of template a little too much. The Hotelier, which I wrote about as being my most anticipated show, falls into that category. Their Emo-inspired performance was fine but I couldn't help but feel something more exciting and original was missing. It was the end of the festival that really shined. FKA Twigs and Oneohtrix Point Never shared competing times on the final night but I managed to see parts of both. They equally showed that there is still innovation to be found in music. Both artists have their influences that they draw upon but create a signature style that others that weekend seemed to lack.”

BUT WAIT… there's more.

Pitchfork Radio


Our return to Madison from the festival was not a goodbye to Pitchfork.  (We like to say that they followed us). In reality, we were very apprehensive and prepared for the upcoming collaboration with Pitchfork Radio.

Pitchfork Radio was stationed in Madison's High Noon Saloon from July 18th – July 22nd. The week prior, we helped curate their programming. WSUM staff & DJ's assembled a list of Wisconsin based artists and bands; several performed and were interviewed live on Pitchfork's airwaves.

WSUM thanks Elia, Mark & Tod for their support and allowing us to share some of the Wisconsin's best & under-the-radar jems on Pitchfork's international live stream. The collaboration reemphasizes the relevance of college radio and its relationship with original, local music.


You can be certain to note that WSUM will welcome any partnership with Pitchfork Radio again.  This was by far my sweetest WSUM summer highlight.