Snake on the Lake artists disclose some secrets…

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    Sat Sep 17 2016

WHITNEY Photo: Sadie Guttman

Snake on the Lake artists disclose some secrets…

WSUM's annual music festival, Snake on the Lake, stole hearts and ears last Friday.

Yes, music played a significant role, but it was the people (members of the audience, Whitney, Carroll, Hoops, and Trophy Dad) who jammed-packed such an unforgettable event in Madison's favorite CBGB (The Frequency). I've been whistling to “Golden Days” for a week now and still gawk at the memory of the line that wrapped around the block.

Despite the loving and evident fandom for the bands, I'm fairly certain there are many things that you don't know about our Snake on the Lake stars. In my attempt to uncover “the unknowns”, the short and sweet conversations with the bands were easily one of the most entertaining points of the evening.  I've been cracking up just re-listening to the audio recordings.

Whitney (Julien & Josiah), Carroll, Hoopsand Trophy Dad all had their brains picked and responded with the authentic wit and humor (shared below).Perhaps there are even some questions you didn't realize you wanted answered, until now…

Whether an answer is truly a secret or not, you can be certain that it's honest.  It's real.  It's them.  Enjoy.

Photo: Maureen Duthie

 If you had to rename your last album/EP?

Trophy Dad:  “Coleslaw

Hoops:  “ET EP”,   “ I would just call it Overplayed

Carroll:  “Ah, we were actually going to call it Pretzel …”  or  ” CAROL with one R, one L so it's self-titled but not…”

Whitney (Julien & Josiah):  “Beer  +  

  Summer Album?

Trophy Dad:  Mitski – Puberty 2 ,  BADBADNOT GOOD  – IV

Hoops:  Porches – Pool,   Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas

Carroll:  Todd Terje,    Rihanna – Anti,  Carroll  –  Carroll

“… The one with the one R, one L….”

Whitney (Julien & Josiah):  Jeremiah – Late Nights: The Album


CARROLL Photo: Maureen Duthie

Weirdest habits?

Trophy Dad:  “I crack my knees throughout the day”

“I say ‘Oh Jeez' way too much “

“I buy a lot of plants”

“Our jokes are too abstract”

Hoops:     “I snap my fingers a lot”

“Dancing in the mirror at bars, when I'm in the bathroom by myself and I can still hear the music”

“Sometimes I practicing making weird faces”

“ Ah, I've got one…this might make me seem like a psychopath but I wink at myself in the mirror sometimes.”

Carroll:  “I look at real estate sites a lot…get really into listings”

“I like a good soft lip chew. I also like to twirl pens and hair”

“Oh I just straight up just chew pens”

“I try really hard to put the same things in the same pocket each time”

TROPHY DAD Photo : Maureen Duthie

Who of the band snores the most?

Trophy Dad:  “Okay, well when we were on tour, none of us slept.”

Hoops:  “We all definitely snore”

Carroll:  “Max snores”

Whitney (Julien & Josiah):  “We have a snoring and non snoring room”    “Max, Will and Print snore”

Who eats the most?

Trophy Dad:  “Hen-Dog”    “Not Abby”

Hoops:  “Probably James to be honest…he tackled a foot long and chips at Subway today… all in the time it took me to eat a 6 inch”

Carroll:  “Max”

Whitney (Julien & Josiah):  “Print”

“To tell you the truth we are all struggling with that right now.  We are all  constantly bloated and feel fat.  We've been on tour for two months straight.  I'm running a 5k on Friday.   I'm just trying to not feel like a slob”

HOOPS Photo: Maureen Duthie

Who is the biggest flirt?

Trophy Dad:  “ Me….”    “Yeah, Abby”

Hoops:    “ ooooooooh  Keagan.”

“Both of us…”

“Fine. Keagan and Drew”

Carroll:  “Charles, for sure”   “Look at the way he's sitting!”

Whitney (Julien & Josiah):“Julien”    “No.”      “Fine, Charles it's Charles”

“I don't know we are all pretty flirty. Print changes his entire personality when he flirts though. He changes into smiley guy”

Who is the best kisser?

Whitney (Julien & Josiah):   “We are”

“Josiah and I, but I think I'm the best kisser”


WHITNEY Photo: Maureen Duthie

What is something most people don't know about you?

Trophy Dad:  “We don't sound like Paramore and we are not Sonic Youth but better”

Hoops: “Various members of us used to play in metal bands together”

“ We used to listen to Christian metal core”

Carroll:   “No tattoos…not intentionally”

“No piercings, no tattoos… what kind of a band are we?”

“Yeah that's not something we are proud of, that's why no one knows”

Whitney (Julien & Josiah):  “We love to watch Gossip Girl and play PGA Golf in the van”

“And we just did a Fantasy Football draft.  We don't support the NFL in anyway cause they go about a lot of things wrong, but fantasy is something to focus on when you are on tour”


What are you a nerd for?

Trophy Dad:  “Political Theory”

“Certain bands (Carly Rae Jepsen?)”


“Justin is a nerd for Black Holes” ….  “Sure”

Hoops:   “I really like Star Wars”

“I work as a reporter and I get really nerdy about local news.  It's like  super lame; I know too much about it”

“I'm also a total nerd for the shipping world.  I'm all about how things get from Point A to Point B.  It's fascinating”

Carroll:  “I'm really into high school debate”  (Nebraska State Champion)

“Plants and bugs”   “Urban development”     “Spread sheets”

CARROLL Photo: Maureen Duthie

Q: Who is your Snake to your Lake?

Trophy Dad:  Henry (guitar)

Carroll:  Charles (bass & keyboards)

Hoops:   “Well first of all, what does that even mean?”

James  (drums)

Whitney (Julien & Josiah):“Ah…what is that actually asking?”

Charles (sound)

“He is the most snake-like.  He deals with snakes the most”

HOOPS Photo: Maureen Duthie

Q:  What scares you/gives you goose bumps?

Hoops:  “Sharks”

“ Yeah, we a swam in the Chesapeake Bay a few months ago, but before that we looked it up on the internet and it said… There may be Tiger Sharks in the bayFreaked us out.”

Carroll: “Sand paper”

“When people stretch rubber bands near me.  I got hit in the eye when I was a kid once, and now when its in the vicinity… I just can't be near one”

“When my feet are really dry.”

“I feel that way when you get you get pins and needles after sleeping on your arm or something.  You wake up thinking THIS IS IT… I pushed it one step too far….”

Whitney (Julien & Josiah): “We don't like bees in the van”

“We don't really like big spiders…that's a lame thing to say in an interview…”


TROPHY DAD Photo: Maureen Duthie

Q: If you could only listen to pre -90s or post 90s music for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Trophy Dad:   “ 90's and post 90's forever”

“ ahhh… I don't know I'm kind of of the other side… 60's & 70's”

Hoops:  “ I would say pre 80's… because that's a like a thousand years of music”

“ But we wouldn't be able to listen to trap…”

“ I would go post… actually, I don't know… I'm indecisive”

“If I could never to listen to Tears for Fears again, I would be very sad”

Carroll: “I think I would go 90's and beyond because all that music still has references to the time before it, so you kind of get both…”

“ No, 1980s & pre 80's”

“ Well conversely…you would miss all the music that has yet to come”

“I just think that I wouldn't want to miss classical music, monks singing… I wouldn't want to miss that for just the 90's”

Whitney (Julien & Josiah): “There's a lot more music before the 90's”

“That's a pretty thought-provoking questions. Yeah, pre 90s.  The 90's brought some good stuff…most of it was Brit Pop, but it can't compare to 80's and before”

WHITNEY Photo: Maureen Duthie

Q: Do you have a guilty pleasure 80's jam:

Whitney (Julien & Josiah): “Tear's for Fears I guess… I don't know that's not really a guilty pleasure, but to the general public, maybe.  I just downloaded an Arthur Russell album (World of Echo) recorded in the 80's and that whole thing is like a guilty pleasure because it makes me fall asleep”

Photo: Maureen Duthie