Car Seat Headrest Preview

This coming Tuesday, Will Toledo will be in Madison once again touring on behalf of his project Car Seat Headrest’s latest LP Teens of Denial. Car Seat was in Madison last fall, playing the frequency, but this time around, the group will be taking the stage at the Majestic, which seems fitting given the explosion of attention the band has gotten since the release of T OD. I’m curious to see how this change of setting will play into the set list of the night. Last year, Car Seat was touring for their Matador debut T een s of Style, which was a curation of older songs from some of Will’s dozen albums under the moniker, redone in a proper studio, instead of the backseat of a car. The set list that night was a great mix of hits from that LP, alongside die­hard favorites like “ Ending of Dramamine ,” from 2014’s H ow to Leave Town (also one of the BEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME).


I had the pleasure of seeing the band open Pitchfork music festival this summer as well, but the set more or less drew exclusively from the last two albums. I’m hoping this was a move made specifically for festival shows, and their set on Tuesday will be a healthy mix of the old jams (I started crying during the intro to “ America (Never Been)” , and hope to do so again), and some of the newer hits like “D runk Driver/Killer Whales” .

If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that Car Seat Headrest will be generous with their intensity. The band has gotten more and more tight since they started touring together, and Ican’twaittoheartheharmonicbreakdownon“S omethingSoon, ”ortheopeninglyricsandwild strumming on “ Cute Thing ”. Will is sure to deliver his usual nonchalant performance, and the night is sure to leave everyone with a renewed sense of hope for the future of rock music.