On the Curb with Japanese Breakfast

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    Fri Oct 07 2016


On the curb with Japanese Breakfast

Everybody should begin the day with a bit of Japanese Breakfast.

When you are not dancing, you left floating among clouds of synth and shoegaze. Japanese Breakfast is dreamy, bittersweet and extremely empowering, as is the artist behind the shimmering sound.

Last Thursday, prior to her performance with lo-fi, pop group Porches, I had the opportunity to chat with Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast outside of the High Noon Saloon.

Since the release of her debut album Psychopomp last spring, Zauner has been constantly on the road. What was perhaps a needed 15-minute breather for the busy artist easily became my favorite moment of the evening.    Zauner is an absolute sweetheart with absolute moxie…she explodes on stage and leaves listeners with wide eyes and gawked mouths.

We discussed her experience at school, love of Bjork and secret talent for chess playing.

You can listen to our lovely chat on the lovely curb on WSUM's Soundcloud below. 🙂