Majid Jordan Review

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    by Web manager
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    Tue Nov 08 2016

On Saturday night, Madison gave Majid Jordan an audience that they'll remember. I know, I know – it's a little weird to put it that way rather than to credit the artist for getting the crowd going, but the small group of true fans that showed up to the Majestic to see the pop-R&B duo really deserve some credit for making the show feel special.

Opener DJ TJ set the stage by mixing up a predictable but fun set of contemporary hits and urban standards, putting the crowd in the perfect mood to dance and sing along all night. Producer Jordan Ullman's airy dance beats, performed live on a set of synthesizers and sampler keyboards, propelled the crowd's feet to move while their voices sung along to nearly every song. While songs like “My Love” and “Something About You” have racked up millions of plays on SoundCloud, and they're signed to perhaps the most successful pop-rapper of the current generation, it was still striking to see so many people in attendance that knew almost every word. Frontman Majid Al Maskati gave a great vocal performance, but also had a fairly easy night as the crowd filled in just fine singing his lovelorn hooks. The neon lights behind them, shaped in reference to their 2015 mixtape “[I]”, pulsed along with the rhythm as well, complementing the smooth but danceable groove Majid Jordan provided throughout their set.

I came in with no real expectations for this show, but the sound, performance, and especially the crowd gave me one of the most fun and enjoyable shows I've seen all year. We seem to have a hidden Majid Jordan fan club somewhere in Madison, so expect to see them back sometime soon, and expect me to be right there again dancing along.