Ne-Hi Review

Chicago four piece Ne-Hi played this past Saturday at the frequency, and I must say I was blown away. Going into the show, I was familiar with a handful of the band’s garage-y, slacker rock vibe, and I knew they opened for Car Seat Headrest roughly a year ago-so they had to be pretty alright. Having listened to tracks like “Drag” and “Turncoat,” I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, and honestly I was mostly in it to go to a show with friends. But WOW was I blown away with the group’s presence and performance. Every single one of the dudes took on a rock-god presence, not too far off from city mates Twin Peaks. They had the vocals and melodies of a Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah performance, paired with the dark instrumentals associated with post-punk groups like the Preoccupations. All in all the guys killed it and I know I won’t miss the opportunity to see them live again.