Joshua Radin Review

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    by Web manager
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    Sat Nov 12 2016

Realizing that November 9 might not have been the best of days for some audience members, Joshua Radin brought love and positivity to Majestic. He spoke of an always-important message of spreading love to everyone and everywhere throughout the concert. He started with several optimistic songs like No Envy No Fear and Beautiful Day. In the middle of show he showed some versatility. Radin decided to stray away from what he called “lullabies” to bring some energy starting with Belong. However, it would not be sincere if he had not addressed some of the dark sides of love through songs, such as Closer.

Radin was incredible at transitioning. He made sure to tell us when there was a shift from sad to happy or happy to sad and did so with a parched humor. My favorite part of the concert was the overall genuineness that he brought through his voice and through the gratitude he showed. He thanked us after every single song and it never seemed phony. Everything with him seemed true.


Indie folk bluegrass group, Good of War, opened for Radin. The band consists of three goofy dudes each with different stage personalities. The singer and drummer really liked playing with each other's hair. It was great. I had never heard of them before, but they had a really cool sound. The lead singer has a high, nasally voice that sounds really cool matched with the fast strum of guitar and thump of drum. They were brought out to play with Radin during his upbeat portion of the show.

The show ended with Radin's rendition of Nobel Prize winner, Bob Dylan's, Don't Think Twice, It's Alright. Ending with a song about moving on from disappointment, Radin continues to emphasize that being motivated by love is the best way to move through the tough times of life.