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Rufus Du Sol: North American Fall Tour Review

After a year of success, including a new album and an impressive spread of festival performances, Australian sensation Rufus du Sol returned to Madison this Tuesday for a bright and energetic show at the Majestic. Despite it being a weeknight, … Read More >

Alex G & LVL UP Review

Sometimes it’s weird to go see an artist live that you’ve been listening to religiously for a long time, when you appreciate their work so much that you push it on your friends at every given opportunity. Over time you … Read More >

Joshua Radin Review

Realizing that November 9 might not have been the best of days for some audience members, Joshua Radin brought love and positivity to Majestic. He spoke of an always-important message of spreading love to everyone and everywhere throughout the concert. … Read More >

Interviews: Sunflower Bean & The Lemon Twigs

    Sunflower Bean & The Lemon Twigs Karolina Barej No other Madison music hub could beat The Frequency the night of October 22nd.  People had, once again, drooled at the sound of Sunflower Bean,  right after a … Read More >

The Central-Discovery of a Rat

It is no small challenge for bands to find a way to sonically distinguish themselves from the legions of acts in their genre. There’s no shortage of ways (intentional or not) for groups to get this done, but in the … Read More >

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