Whitney Review

Friday night at the Majestic Theatre saw one of the most enjoyable shows of the year as 2016 newcomers Whitney made their debut album, Light Upon the Lake, come to life in spectacular fashion. First, opening acts Disq and Soul Low both set the scene with solid performances. Disq’s lo-fi glam rock was fun to dance to and the singer from Soul Low impressed with an incredible and very distinct falsetto. Whitney sliced through the palpable anticipation with Dave’s Song—the first song they wrote as a band (which started as joke about their overweight neighbor). They continued to dazzle throughout the show and I was quickly reminded why I love them so. I couldn’t help but smile because they are such a lovable group creating and sharing such fun music. It’s easy to see that they are extremely well-trained musicians and a great group of friends.


Above it all, what sticks with me the most is how kind they are to their fans. They are great listeners and definitely have a knack for connecting well with people. Like everyone else, I am eagerly awaiting their sophomore LP which should be released sometime in 2017 (some songs are already finished). Since they are such organic and talented songwriters—relying on emotion instead of “moments” on their instruments—I expect another excellent release.